IP Federation Review


The IP Federation aims to improve the IP framework to meet the needs of innovative industry by representing, nationally and internationally, the views of UK-based businesses and by offering a cross-sectoral viewpoint which is authoritative and balanced. We support the growth of technology-driven industry to generate economic benefit.


To drive the best possible outcomes from the IP system for UK business and society by:

  1. Improving equity, diversity and inclusion in the intellectual property ecosystem.
  2. Promoting a balanced, fair and robust IP framework that stimulates innovation, improves sustainability and benefits society.
  3. Promoting IP systems globally that offer speed, quality, procedural flexibility and affordability for IP owners including SMEs, and that provide fair and predictable outcomes balancing the needs of IP owners and third parties.
  4. Providing persuasive and timely input to policy makers. In particular, ensuring that industry’s views on IP are understood by governments and taken into account, for example during the negotiation of free trade agreements (FTAs) with the UK.
  5. Driving improvement of the global patent system by active participation in substantive patent law harmonisation work in the UK and internationally, by continuing to provide a policy advisor to support the work of the Industry Trilateral, IP5, Group B+ and associated working groups.
  6. Raising awareness of the way in which the IP system can support innovation, collaboration and dissemination of technology and knowledge, to drive the best possible outcome for society.
  7. Providing a source of informed news and comment to both our members and the public on developing areas of IP policy and law, and a forum for discussion.
  8. Engaging directly and collaboratively with key organisations in the intellectual property ecosystem both in the UK and globally.


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